What we do


Toms Toys have the ABCs of Contracting covered, you need it, we will deliver!
A All-terrain machines
B Blower (Hay), Bridge work, Blade work
C Cables, Concrete, Crane, Cable detectors, Civil contracting
D Drains, Driveways, Digger work, Directional Drilling
E Effluent systems, Prescribed Electrical work, Electrical Inspections, Earthworks, Electric Gates
F Fencing, Foundations, Fibre infrastructure work, Fusion Welding
G Gates, Gas infrastructure work
H Holes, Horizontal Drilling, House Sites, Health and Safety compliant management
I Infrastructure work, Infrared temperature
J Joints (cable)
K Kubota Digger, Keeping sites safe
L Landscaping, Lawn preparation and mowing, Levelling bars, Laser levels
M Mains cables, Mole ploughing, Marine and Island capability
N No nonsense, No waste approach
O Outside the environment work
P Poles, Project Management, Post driving, Power infrastructure work, Pot holing, Pressure Sewer, Project Management
Q Quality Control, Quality team, Quality materials
R Retaining walls, Rotary Hoeing, Rocks
S Sumps, Services, Site preparation and works, Site Clean-ups, Sewage Systems
T Telephone cables and infrastructure work, Trenching
U Underground servicing, Underground service location
V Vine yards
W Water Systems, Walls, Winches, Water Blasting, Water infrastructure work
X Xeriscaping (Landscaping that requires little water)
Y Yacht and other Marine boat work including retrieval, engine lifting, etc
Z Zoo site preparation