Trenching in the Rodney district

We have invested in a great new trenching machine – the Terex, PT100. This is the new improved posi-track.

Whoah! This baby can get eat through the soil and get the job done in real quick time.  We were quick before as the team are great at laying mag-slab and back-filling as we go but with the terex chomping her way through at a great rate of knots, we have improved our capabilities even more.

Trenching for cable, trenching in vineyards, trenching for irrigation. We do it all.



This makes us the people to go to for your trenching needs as we have great per metre rates and take less time than most others saving you precious funds to do more or to do get other jobs completed too.

Give Tom a  call on 021 999 118 to talk trenching or email us on